Planning A Company Banquet? 4 Useful Printing Services You May Need

If you are in charge of planning an upcoming banquet for your company, there will be many tasks you need to accomplish. One way to make your job easier is to create a plan for what you need, and one of the things on your list should be to visit your local printing company. A printing company can supply you with customized items that you may need for this banquet, and here are some of the products that could be beneficial for your banquet.


The first thing you will need to think about is invitations. Invitations are necessary for banquets and parties, and you will hand these out or mail them to those that are invited. Before you give your order to the print company, make sure you know these important details:

  • Location of the event
  • Date and time
  • Dress code
  • RSVP instructions
  • Theme for the event
  • Number of people you are inviting
  • Colors or logos that you want included

These are all things that will help the print shop create unique, customized invitations for your banquet. If you supply this information, they will make a template to show you. As with any type of print order, you must proofread it carefully and inspect it for accuracy. Once you approve it, the shop will print the number of invitations that you need.

Name Cards

If you would like to assign seats at the tables on the night of the event, you will need to have name cards, also called table tent cards. You can place these cards on the tables, or you can have one large table at the entrance of the banquet hall where guests can find their cards. The cards will tell them where they sit, and print shops offer professional-looking name cards for events like this.

You will be able to choose the colors and graphics on the cards, and you may also have the option of choosing the font size and type.

Brochure or Newsletter

If your company is hosting a banquet, it most likely is for a particular reason. It might be designed to:

  • Acknowledge employees or goals that have been reached
  • Motivate or encourage workers
  • Support a charity or cause
  • Announce new changes, product lines, or new services

No matter what the purpose is, you will need to incorporate this into the events for the night. One of the ways you may want to do this is by having a print shop create a brochure or newsletter for you to distribute to the guests.

This is an excellent way to illustrate what this event is all about, and you can use include any information in it that is relevant or important for the purpose.

Promotional Product Giveaways

Finally, a print shop can help you host a great banquet by creating promotional products for you to give to each of the guests. Here are some ideas you could use, and you could try to incorporate the event's theme into these small gifts:

  • Magnets – you could write an inspirational quote on the magnet, or you could just include your company name and graphics. This is a great gift to give at banquets when you are trying to stir up new business.
  • Notepads – small pads of paper that contain your company's name is another type of promotional gift a print shop offers, and this is a very useful gift for a person to receive.
  • Bookmarks – a bookmark is a great gift to give away at motivational banquets, and it is a gift that encourages people to read.

Guests love receiving small gifts like this. You can leave a gift near each place setting on the tables, or you can create small gift bags to give away.

A print shop can help you with all these items and find more ideas, and this will help you plan a successful event for your company.

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