5 Business Tags To Help With Company Computer Security

For many industrial companies, the use of computer equipment is important for workers and production. A lot of money is invested into this equipment, so it's imperative that a company does everything they can to protect the devices. When printing custom tags, companies have the ability to add protection and inventory to all of the computer equipment. There are a number of tags that can be used on the equipment. Each of the following five tags offers ways to keep track and protect computer equipment.

Destructible Vinyl

Computer cases are filled with expensive equipment and valuable information that is stored on hard drives. To help prevent tampering, you can order custom computer tags that are produced with a destructible vinyl material. Instead of being able to get peeled off, destructible vinyl breaks apart.

These types of labels can be placed over access points on a computer. The text on the label can feature your company logo, a security warning, or another message like "Do Not Tamper." These labels can also be purchased in multiple sizes so you can apply them over multiple computer access points.

Void Patterned Stock

As an alternative is destructive labels are patterned stock labels. When someone attempts to peel these labels off of computers, tablets, and other equipment, part of the sticker will be left behind, labeling the device as "Voided." If you loan out computer equipment to employees, this is a great way to track and ensure that the equipment has not been messed with in any way.

The tags can be placed over battery covers, screw holes, and access points of the computer. When the equipment is examined, the labels can be checked to see if there has been any tampering.

Polyamide Labels

Computer equipment can become very hot and reach high temperatures. When this occurs, you want a label that withstand the heat. By choosing a polyamide label, you can label parts of the computer without worrying about possible problems like warping, melting, or altering the ink on the label.

A polyamide label is ideal for labeling anything inside a large industrial computer. For example, the custom labels and tags can be used for motherboards, hard drive, and memory units. These labels can be placed directly on the parts and stay on forever. A printing company can provide all types of labels, including part numbers or company logos.

Graphic Overlays

To help keep up with the branding and ownership of specific computer products, you can have a custom graphic overlay printed. These custom graphics can be designed to fit over any piece of computer equipment while still giving access to input points like USB ports and DVD drives.

The graphics themselves can feature company logos or authorized user information. For example, an overlay can feature a message like "Only Trained Users" or "Level 4 Computer Access Only." These small security measures can go a long way in protecting in your computer and custom shapes can be cut to cover the computer evenly.

Barcode Printing

Another way to help protect and keep track of industrial computer equipment is with barcode tags. Traditional barcodes or custom QR codes can be applied to a number of durable labels. When manufactured with materials like vinyl or polyester, the barcodes will be durable and can last for years to come.

Once you receive your printed tags, they can be placed on a machine and assigned to a digital system. Not only is this a great way to track the inventory or equipment, but users can also scan barcodes to indicate when they are using a computer or other device. The digital log of users can help track problems if something arises on the computer.

When planning out any type of business printing, it's a good idea to get an estimate for your printing needs. You can also work with companies on creating the custom industrial tags.

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