5 Professional Printables Ideal For A Children's Birthday Party

Making a party come to life is all about selecting the proper decorations and using them effectively at a party location. Instead of purchasing party supplies that are already made, you can take your child's party one step further by ordering custom printed items. A full color printing service can provide you with high quality decorations that will really stand out at a birthday party. The following five printable ideas are a great starting point and can really spark your imagination for various designs and ideas.

Selfie Posing Backgrounds

Create a fun backdrop poster that children can use to take images and selfies throughout the party. By using professional full color printing services, the backgrounds will be clear and vivid for when all of the images are taken. Depending on the theme of the party, there are a number of backgrounds that you can choose from. For example, if the party is using a space theme, you can have a large backdrop printed that features stars or various planets. If the party is animal-themed, the background can feature a jungle or African desert. High quality printers have the ability to print out large backdrops that cover a lot of wall space and provide plenty of room for children to take their pictures in front of.

Pin the Bow Tie/Pin the Tiara

Take the traditional birthday game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey up to the next level. By having a high quality image of your child printed on a poster, they can become the focus of the game. For boy's birthday parties, you can use a creative idea like pin the bow tie on the birthday boy. Children are handed bow tie cutouts and must try to accurately place them on the printed image while blindfolded. For girls, something like pin the tiara or another interest the girl has will use similar methods. When printing out the game poster, have it laminated so the image is not manipulated or wrecked when the add-on items are stuck to it. After the party is over, you will have a nice photo keepsake that you can save for many years.

Custom Tablecloths

Cover tables up at your child's birthday party with custom tablecloths. Printing companies can print large tablecloth designs on thin paper or a more durable material like vinyl. The edges of a tablecloth can feature personalized birthday messages like "Happy 5th Birthday, Jace." You can also select from a variety of symbols and images that represent the party's theme. For example, if the party has a candy theme, the table cloth designs can feature collages of candy. A number of free image websites feature free downloads that can be used for the tablecloth design. A specific part of a tablecloth design can be sanctioned as the official seat for the birthday child. It can include the child's name and outline of where the birthday plates or presents go.

Party Station Signs

A number of birthday parties often split up different sections of a room by using stations. Using large printable signs, you can label these stations and use vivid images to showcase them. A lot of these station ideas will be based on food. For example, if you have a pizza station at a cowboy-themed party, then you can showcase a poster with a cartoon cowboy holding a piece of pizza and large letters that read "Pizza Station." When planning different station designs, you can use creative fonts and colors to really make them stand out.

Autograph Banners

A custom autograph banner is great way to capture memories of the party and have something that your child can look back fondly on. When creating an autograph banner, you want to have a design that features a lot of white space. This makes it easy to read text and allows markers to write vividly. Additional features on the banner can include pictures of the birthday child and basic text that reads "Happy 6th Birthday!" Work with a printing company to plan out the best sizes for these banners. Once printed, they can be hung near the entryway so people can easily sign them when arriving or leaving.

As you plan out each design, work with a printing company like Excalibur Printing to get a sample of what the final product will look like. This mock-up will help you see if there needs to be any changes before the final product is produced and delivered.

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