7 Creative Ideas For Custom Embroidered Promotional Products And Giveaways

Whether it be for a business or cause, it's a good idea to offer promotional products to the public. Promotional products are designed to help you promote your business and cause in a creative and fun way. When designing your promotional products, why not stray from the ordinary pens and paper items and go for something with a personal touch? Embroidery can add flair to many materials such as canvas and fabric, and so much more. Apart from baseball caps and T-shirts, you can embroider so much more. Here are creative ways to custom embroider some higher end promotional products:

1. Custom Embroidered Place Mats and Coasters

Here's a great idea to promote your food industry business or restaurant. Why not embroider place mats and colorful coasters with your company name and logo or any other design? You can give these away in a contest as a promotion, or use them in your business.

2. Hand Embroidered Note Cards

These make great promotional items and add a unique touch as well. Create your own design or use a pre-made template on a printing company's website. Don't forget to add your business name or cause you are promoting.

3. Embroidered Leather Wrist Cuffs

These make lovely promotional giveaways. A cuff bracelet with embroidered stitching can be great for a southwestern-themed cause or company. Add some colorful beads and any wording you like.

4. Custom Embroidered Over-Sized Tote Bags

Choose a color, customize with your company name, logo or cause, and there you have it. It's a fun and practical promotional item that most anyone can appreciate.

5. Hand Embroidered Keepsake Boxes

Here's a clever and creative idea for a promotional giveaway. Design your own keepsake boxes with custom embroidery. A keepsake box can hold all sorts of small treasures, such as jewelry, coins, photos and more. You can have the lid of the box embroidered or the entire box if you wish.

6. Embroidered Paperweights and Pen Holders for the Desk

Here is another creative promotional item that can be embroidered. Why not offer a few office products with your company logo or cause embroidered on them? Choose paperweights, cup holders for pens and pencils or other desk accessories such as paper clip holders and organizers.

7. Custom Embroidered Pin Cushions

Do you own a craft or hobby shop? Perhaps you own a sewing store. If so, why not offer some custom embroidered pin cushions? Here is a promotional product that reflects your company's style and offerings, with an added personal touch. Have your pin cushions embroidered with a company name and add colorful stitching. This is a great idea for a promotional contest. Your patrons will appreciate this offering and you'll be a hit.

There are many other ways to customize your embroidered promotional products, so put on your thinking cap and let those creative juices flow. For more information, contact companies like Fotorecord Print Center.

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