Why Buy A Custom Blanket That Includes A Picture Of Your Loved One

Do you enjoy lying under a thick, fuzzy blanket when slumbering and wish for 'sweet dreams' each time that you retreat to your bedroom for the night? If you are involved in a long distance relationship, you may have your partner on your mind when it is bedtime. You probably would like to see your loved one's face. Pulling out photographs may not be the best way to induce sleep; however, a personalized blanket with your loved one's picture added to it can help.

The Final Vision Of The Night Can Stir Up Dreams

If you have ever noticed that whatever was pressing on your mind or what you were focusing heavily on before falling asleep wound up in your dreams for the evening, then you are not alone. Many people think that their conscious thoughts are somehow tied into their subconscious ones.

Instead of fixating on a small photograph or memento that your loved one gave you, you can stare directly at a true representation of your partner and dwell on that while drifting off to sleep. Even if you are wrapped tightly in the custom blanket and can't necessarily see your partner's physical attributes, it can be quite comforting to know that you are surrounded by who you consider your life partner, and this could result in great dreams and a wonderful night's rest.

The Design You Choose Is Up To You

Sherpa, plush, and woven are some of the blanket materials that you can select when designing a custom printed blanket. Photographs are commonly used to reproduce a design onto a bedding material, but you can also choose to be more creative and draw a picture or design lettering that you would like to be added to the new spread.

Thread count is essential if you are choosing a lighter weight material to cover your bed with. If you eliminate fuzzy materials and adornments, a flat spread could represent a true likeness of your loved one. Of course, do not let this interfere with your choices. Even a fuzzier blanket that is rather thick can still have a prominent picture displayed on it.

After making your purchase, be aware that you should take extra measures when laundering and drying your new blanket. Because screenprinting can fade or crack, always hand wash your blanket or place it in your washing machine if you are determined to wash the bedding item on a gentle cycle. Line dry your blanket when finished. 

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Do you enjoy lying under a thick, fuzzy blanket when slumbering and wish for 'sweet dreams' each time that you retreat to your bedroom for the night?

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