Address Your Trade Show Printing Needs

The spring and summer months typically make up trade show season across the country. Participating in trade shows lets you expand your customer base and introduce new products to the public in a fun and festive way.

A lot of companies spend a significant amount of money designing and creating a booth that will travel to various trade shows throughout the year. You need to ensure that the quality of your printed materials matches the quality of your booth if you want to maximize your success this trade show season.

Design a Great Brochure

You want consumers to be able to interact with your company long after a trade show has ended. Brochures can be useful tools in helping you accomplish this goal. The type of brochure that you choose to print and distribute can have a direct effect on the success of your brochures.

Be sure that you are using digitally enhanced images to capture the attention of the consumer. Print your brochure on heavy paper that feels pleasant to the touch. You should also include an interactive element, like a QR code that links to your company's social media sites or online retail store.

Invest in Bookmarks

Trade shows are often synonymous with free items. Consumers like to collect promotional items from each booth as they travel through a trade show. You can ensure that your promotional items will continue to add value well into the future by investing in bookmarks.

Don't limit yourself to the traditional rectangular bookmarks of the past. Use modern printing techniques like embossing, laminating, and waterproof paper to set your bookmarks apart. You can also opt to have your bookmarks cut into a unique shape that will best reflect your company's aesthetic.

Update Your Business Cards

You will inevitably hand out many business cards as you travel from one trade show to the next. The purpose of a business card is to give consumers a way to reconnect with you and your company once you are gone. Bland and boring business cards can leave consumers feeling less-than-enthusiastic about your company.

Update your business cards to increase their effectiveness. Creativity is essential in today's market. A business card that has unique features like a suede paper, embossing, rough edges, or bright colors will stand apart from other business cards in a consumer's portfolio. You want to stand out so that your company will be remembered. Reach out to a company like Color Copies Today for your printing needs.

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The spring and summer months typically make up trade show season across the country. Participating in trade shows lets you expand your customer base a

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