Establishing a New Company? You'll Need to Contact a Corporate Printing Service

Starting a new company presents you with a seemingly endless list of tasks, but it's important to prioritize this list and seek help from those around you in order to get through it quickly. One of the tasks on your list will be to order a variety of printed materials that you'll want to have in hand when your company officially launches. Instead of trying to do your own printing, it's a better idea to find a local corporate printing service. Such services can print all sorts of materials for you in a timely manner and at a high quality. Here are some things that you'll need to order as you get closer to the launch date of your business.

Business Cards

It's ideal if your employees have professional-caliber business cards right away, as they'll be meeting people in the community and want to distribute business cards. You have a few different options to consider regarding business cards. For example, if you want to use an online template to design your own business cards, or you have a graphic artist on staff, you can submit your own design to the printing company. Or, you can find a printing service that can design, and then print, your cards for you.


Even though much of the correspondence that your business will send will be electronic, you'll still need to print documents from time to time. Instead of printing letters and other matters on blank paper, it's ideal to do so on official company letterhead — which is something else that your corporate printing specialist can produce for you. There are all sorts of letterhead options to consider. Some companies prefer subtle letterhead that simply lists their company's name, contact information, and logo, while others favor letterhead designs that are more elaborate. Your printing service can show you some different options to help you decide what will work best for you.

Employee ID Cards

Many corporate printing services can also produce employee ID cards. If you plan to have your staff members carry or even wear these cards when they're at work, you can work with the printer to come up with a design. Generally, employee ID cards will feature a photograph of each employee's face, as well as the company logo, the employee's name, and other relevant details. It's a good idea to take head shots of your employees as you hire them so that you can share these images with your corporate printing service.

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